US Marines Chinese Australian Training
U.S. Marines during marksmanship training (CREDIT: Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Lomangino)

A newly announced training initiative will put U.S. Marines alongside Chinese and Australian forces this fall.

The “small scale” Exercise Kowari will take place in Australia’s Northern Territory in October, according to Stars and Stripes.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren told Stars and Stripes that Exercise Kowari will feature less than 100 troops between the three countries.

The trilateral exercise is part of a larger DOD effort to enhance cooperation with China’s military at a time when Beijing is flexing its muscles in territorial disputes with American allies and launching cyber attacks against the United States.

“The overall goal of all of these [exercise] is to enhance our military to military relationships. So we believe that training with any nation helps,” Warren told Stars and Stripes. “All of the parties who are being trained work better together … It helps increase understanding” and “it’s good for American national security.”

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