US Navy uniform closure
US Navy Makes New Closure Available For Men's Service Dress Whites (CREDIT: Mark Faram / Navy Times)

Men’s service dress whites will start fitting better around the neck thanks to a newly approved closure.

The new 1.5-inch, nickel-plated closure is available at any local Navy Exchange for $13.50, according to Navy Times.

Officials have approved a metal hook and loop closure designed to keep your choker collar closed, an optional improvement over the Velcro closure that tends to come open after a lot of use.

… The hook and eye assembly was then recommended to and subsequently approved by the chief of naval personnel’s Uniform Matters Office. The fix is optional, but [Capt. Robert] Gantt said it will improve the fit and function of the collar, and also the appearance of the uniform.

“The change was the result of feedback that some were dissatisfied with the Velcro closure fit,” Gantt, the deputy commander for uniform programs at Navy Exchange Service Command, told Navy Times. “It [also] loses the ability to stay fastened over time. … The optional closure consists of a hook and eye assembly and is similar to the closure used on the Marine Corps service dress blue men’s jacket.”

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