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US Troops in Europe Directed to 'Limit' Uniform Wearing Off Base

U.S. troops in Europe have been ordered to abandon their camouflage uniforms in public as much as possible, as per a directive issued last week.

According to Military Times:

U.S. European Command has told troops to “limit to the max extent possible wearing their uniforms off base,” according to a directive released Nov. 10. Troops can wear their uniforms only while commuting to and from work in their personal vehicles, a rental car or while riding on a government bus.

“In addition, all personnel should review individual social media account security and geo-location functions/settings to ensure their profiles are not overly revealing,” the directive states.

… EUCOM has not specified what potential threat prompted the move, but installations in the U.S. and overseas have taken extra security precautions amid concerns that the Islamic State terrorist group wants to target troops and their families. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency told security managers to remind building employees how not to stand out to terrorists.

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