A truck dealer and gun rights supporter in Florida has tripled his sales by offering a free AK-47 assault rifle to all new buyers, he said on Monday.

“My sales have increased three-fold,” Nick Ginetta, of the Nations Trucks dealership in the central town of Sanford, told AFP. He said his clientele is mostly hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen.

“If I (were) selling Hyundais, I would not go for that. It wouldn’t attract my customer base,” he added.
He unveiled the offer last week in a show of support for US troops ahead of Veterans Day.

“A lot of veterans have given a lot of sacrifice for this country, for our rights, and one of the rights that we have is the ability to own firearms,” Ginetta, himself a veteran, said.

In the last four days he has handed out 21 vouchers for new AK-47s that can be used at a local gun shop, where he has reserved 100 of the assault rifles at wholesale prices.

He plans to continue the offer until the guns sell out.

“I give you a voucher to go to the gun shop, and you have to pass all state and federal regulations,” he said, adding that customers can use the vouchers for other firearms.

“The whole reason to advertise (AK-47s) was to create buzz… I chose the weapon for that specific reason. I wanted the buzz. To be honest, I didn’t anticipate the success.”

The decision to focus the ad campaign on the AK-47, an assault rifle used by armed groups the world over, including insurgents battling US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, has not gone unnoticed among Ginetta’s employees.

“The salesmen, they make jokes,” he said. “‘Nick, line one. It’s (Osama) bin Laden. He wants to buy a truck!”

Source: AFP

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