USA Carry, one of the Internet’s leading concealed carry resource communities announces its support for better firearm instructions and local firearm instructors by announcing its new state level sponsorship program. “As one of the larger concealed carry communities, we want to work closely with local instructors to provide them with a new avenue to get targeted exposure that is cost effective,” said USA Carry President, Luke McCoy. Since 2007, USA Carry has provided crucial information for firearm enthusiasts in all 50 states. The forum is an open and free environment where responsible firearm owners can ask questions, give advice, and learn the latest trends regarding their common interests and hobbies. Proudly comprised of over 20,000 members and growing, USA Carry gets over 8,000 hits a day. Mr. McCoy estimates that these figures will continue to grow in line with the general growth rate of the forum over the past three years.

USA Carry is partnering with firearm instructors to be listed as Featured Instructors on State Law Pages and State Instructor List Pages. At a very affordable rate of $25 per month, firearm instructors can use USA Carry as a cost-effective partner in their highly targeted/niche-specific marketing efforts. Unlike traditional print media ads or local classifieds, advertising on USA Carry offers targeted views as well as accurate view and click through statistics.

Multi-state spots and full site sponsorships are also available. To maximize value for firearm vendors and providers with fixed budgets, USA Carry also offers discounted rates for prepaying multiple months.

For more information, please email [email protected] or visit

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