the USPSA area 6 results showed a well attended match that featured some tough challenges!

Time to wrap up the major matches up from the weekend of April 9th and 10th; and we’re starting with the USPSA Area 6 results. Also in this post we have two IDPA matches, the CASA Razorback Shootout and the VA Indoor Regional championship. Lastly, we’ll dive into the bewildering world of Cowboy Action, with the South Carolina State SASS Championship.

USPSA Area 6 Results

Without a doubt, the biggest match of the weekend was the Area 6 Championship in North Carolina. As a part of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), Area 6 is chock full of talented shooters, thanks in part to the fact that it’s USPSA’s southernmost region. With year round shooting possible, shooters can keep off-season rust from creeping up on them.

The best battle of the weekend was in the Carry Optics division, where two of the sport’s best shooters went back and forth across the match’s 12 stages. JJ Racaza, representing Beretta, and Max Michel from Team Sig were neck and neck through the entire match. Max had some struggles on Stage 3, but was able to hang on for the win by just 0.07% over JJ. In Limited division, the man with the best name in the shooting sports, John Browning, took a close win over Shane Coley. KC Eusebio wins in Open division, while Brian Harrington takes the PCC win. In the capacity restricted divisions, Nils Jonasson wins Production, Ben Fouse wins in Revolver, and Dave Sevigny makes his return to major matches winning Single Stack division. Lastly, Ashley Rheuark is the overall winner of the Lady category.

CASA IDPA Razorback Shootout

In addition to the USPSA Area 6 results, there were two major IDPA matches, the biggest of which is the CASA Razorback Shootout in Arkansas. The Razorback featured 12 stages of tough shooting. Starting off, your High Lady overall was Memarie Lawrence in PCC division, and the fastest Lady shooter with a pistol is Gina Coats from ESP division. Moving on, your winner in CCP is Ben Petty. Tad Nohsey wins CDP by a handy margin, despite blasting a no-shoot target on stage 5. In a squeaker, Kevin Harding wins Carry Optics, and Eric Fuson wins ESP. PCC’s winner is Justin Green, with Kyle Fender winning SSP. Lastly, in the four man Revolver division, your winner is Mike Gawf.

2022 Virginia Indoor Regional

Indoor matches are one of the unique hallmarks of IDPA that date back to the legendary S&W Indoor Nationals, which sadly went defunct around 2016. However, there are still some indoor championship matches, and the VA Indoor Regional represented that side of IDPA well. Jarvis Totherow wins CCP, John DeKeersgieter wins in CDP, Eric Sczesny wins CO, Charles Hartley wins ESP, Jeremy Goad wins PCC, Ira Kreisman wins SSP, and lastly Becki West is High Lady.

SC State Single Action Shooting Society Championship: The Bushwhack

Moving on from the USPSA Area 6 results, our last match of the weekend is The Bushwhack. Also known as the SC State Championship. The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is the largest sanctioning body of cowboy action shooting in the world. Interestingly it’s also the largest “action shooting” sport in the country. To put it in perspective, the USPSA Area 6 championship had 440 shooters. Area 6 represents Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Meanwhile, the SC State Cowboy match had over 150 shooters, drawn largely from a much smaller geographic area.

SASS has a bewildering number of categories and divisions, unfortunately. We’ll cover four – the overall winner, the Wild Bunch winner, and the high lady overall and in Wild Bunch. The overall winner is The Cumberland Kid, with a time of 191.83. The overall fastest Lady shooter is Pearly Heart, with a 241.97.

Wild Bunch division is inspired by the classic film of the same name. It allows shooters to run a “traditional” 1911 style pistol along with a Winchester 1897 shotgun instead of a cowboy revolver. Your winner here is Abe E. S. Corpus, with a time of 168.03. High Lady is Sassy Teton Lady, which is just a fantastic alias. Her time was 194.02. A side note on why we don’t use real names for SASS scores. The sport requires shooters to pick an alias, or nickname that they use. All aliases are unique to the shooter, and you see some very creative ones. If you’re wondering, mine is Vesparado.

Counting the USPSA Area 6 results, that wraps up our major match coverage for the second weekend of April, 2022. If you’d like your match included in the results, email me at with a link to the match!

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