The USS Monterey seized a massive cache of illegal weapons.

The U.S. Navy just made a massive seize of weapons recently, one most folks in the gun community would love to get their hands on. The USS Monterey seized a huge shipment of illegal weapons in the North Arabian Sea May 6-7.

USS Monterey Seizes Massive Weapon Cache in North Arabian Sea

The USS Monterey, U.S. Fifth Fleet, and an embarked U.S. Coast Guard Advanced Interdiction Team (AIT) discovered the cargo during a routine flag verification boarding, stated a Navy press release. The boarding conducted in international waters comes accordance with customary international law.

The cache included a wide range of impressive foreign weaponry. Guns included Russian-made anti-tank guided missiles and RPGs, the Navy reported. Shoulder-fired weaponry included thousands of Chinese Type 56 rifles and hundreds of PKM machine guns, along with unidentified sniper rifles. The team also recovered advanced optical sighting systems.

The Navy stated both the original source and intended destination for the weapons remains unknown. The investigation remains ongoing. More interestingly, the Navy stated the arms remain “in U.S. custody awaiting final disposition.” We would really love to know where all of these weapons are headed. And we’d also love to see all civilian-legal arms considered for sale to the commercial public. But we’re not holding our breath, given current leadership.

The USS Monterey conducts routine patrols, keeping an eye on maritime life, along with mariner-to-mariner relations, the Navy said. These operations reassure partners and allies as well as preserve freedom of navigation.

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