A U.S. Army Special Forces sniper, assigned to 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), provides over watch security for an assault element during a training exercise on Fort Carson, Colo., Aug. 3, 2018. The training exercise was meant to test every ability of the Special Forces operators in conducting unconventional warfare operations. (U.S. Army photo illustration by Sgt. Connor Mendez/Portions of this photo were altered for Operational Security purposes)
(Photo by Army Sgt. Connor Mendez)

Capstone Precision Group just announced its Berger Ammunition won an award to load the USSOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle Ammo. Awarded a sub-contract by Ultra Defense Corporation, the single-year contract calls for 800,000 rounds of .300 Norma Mag ammunition.

USSOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle Ammo

In March of last year, we reported the Barrett MRAD won the coveted $49.9 million contract to produce SOCOM’s sniper rifle. The MRAD also made the Barrett’s, Ronnie and Chris, the first father-son duo to secure rifle contracts from the U.S. military.
Berger will load its own .30-caliber, 215-grain Hybrid bullets in Lapua cartridge cases. The contract also includes 200,000 rounds of .338 Norma Mag. Capstone will load the .338 Norma Mag using Lapua cartridge cases and the Lapua .338-caliber, 300-grain AP529 projectiles.

“Our team has been working on this project for over two years and are all very proud to have been trusted to load this important project,” said Bill Gravatt, Capstone’s President. “It was a total team effort by everyone at Capstone, Ultra Defense and other areas of Nammo. The Berger and Lapua projectiles had already been specified for this program. But now we have the honor of loading the ammunition.”

“Winning this contract was strategically very important to us in paving the way towards future long term contracts specializing in advanced ammunition loadings,” added Adam Braverman, Director of Sales, Marketing and Distribution.

Capstone will load the ammunition in its Mesa, Arizona facility. The company produces Berger bullets and ammunition. Additionally, Capstone serves as the exclusive distributor of Lapua components and ammunition, Vihtavuori powders and SK Rimfire.

“Working with Ultra Defense and USSOCOM on this project has been a great experience,” said Dan Thelen, Capstone’s General Manager. “Leveraging the bullet production and commercial ammunition capabilities of Capstone/Berger with the legendary quality of Lapua cases puts us in the unique position to deliver a World Class product to our US warfighters.”

For more information, visit capstonepg.com.

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