Utah law enforcement recently received training from Texas rangers with the Texas Department of Public Safety on how to identify potential human trafficking victims who do not show obvious signs of abuse.

“There got to be a way for us to identify those individuals while they’re in transit and once we identify them how do we deal with that, how do we recognize what we’re really seeing and articulate that to the point where we can remove children from being exploited save them, and potentially save their lives,” said Capt. Tyler Kotter with Utah Department of Public Safety.

According to, victims usually aren’t discovered until police raid gangs, drug dealers and prostitution rings. However, this new training will help LEOs ID victims early and more easily.

“This training is designed to make patrol officers more focused in this area, better trained so they do it right, they do it legally,” said Maj. Brian Redd with Utah Department of Public Safety State Bureau of Investigation.

According to, human trafficking is a popular route for human traffickers.

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