Utah Police autism database
Utah Law Enforcement Launches Autism Database (CREDIT: Lennie Mahler / The Salt Lake Tribune)

Police in Utah are rolling out a new program to help deal with situations involving people with autism.

The Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake has unveiled a database that residents can use to enter detailed information on family members with autism.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune:

So starting now, parents and legal guardians of children with autism can register their child’s information, including triggers and behaviors, into a database that dispatchers and officers can access en route to a call. Autistic adults can also add themselves to the list at http://updsl.org/autism.

… When an autistic person is being volatile and loud, officers will get better results if they respond calmly and give the person more room than they would in a normal situation, the sheriff explained at a Thursday news conference to announce the registry.

“We want to see something like this statewide, even nationwide,” said Jon Owen, president of the Utah Autism Coalition.

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