Editor’s Note: A much more complete video is available at Law Enforcement Network‘s YouTube page. We chose not to post it here due to the extremely graphic nature of the footage.

Utah Police faced an intense scene recently when a DUI suspect suddenly reached for an officer’s gun. The deadly encounter took place inside the police station, where an officer ultimately shot and killed the suspect to stop the threat.

Officer body cam footage shows an officer place 31-year-old Michael Chad Breinholt in a chair to await processing. That’s when Breinholt attempts to get up, although handcuffed, telling the officer he has a gun in his shoe. The suspect, seemingly very intoxicated, seems to remain defiant.

Utah Police Kill DUI Suspect

“You don’t want to fight with me,” the officer says plainly. “You definitely don’t want to fight with this guy,” motioning to another officer inside the room. “Just sit your ass and stay, OK?”

The officer then seems to have a second thought, telling the suspect he will in fact take that shoe with the alleged gun. But the suspect doesn’t want to give it up. Video shows Breinholt resist two officers as they attempt to get the suspect’s shoe. And that’s when the officer finally realizes what the suspect is really up to.

“F*ck he’s got my gun,” the officer yells. “He’s got my gun!”

A third officer then rushes into the room, as the officers struggle with suspect. Officers can be seen fighting to keep Breinholt from getting control of the weapon.

“You’re about to die my friend,” screams one officer, a final warning.

Meanwhile, the suspect fights on. Finally, an audible “pop” echoes inside the room. Moments later, footage shows one of the officers re-holstering his sidearm. The suspect lies dead on the floor in a pool of blood.

“Some people become combative,” explained West Valley City Police Chief Colleen Jacobs. “Some people are very compliant. (And) some people become passive aggressive. Some people turn into a lump of potatoes and won’t cooperate with anything,” reported

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