44h500bk-b_8.gifNORFOLK, Va.– The Virginia Beach Police Department has decided to go to the SERPA holster system for the entire agency. The department will issue the Level 3 SERPA duty holster to all uniformed officers, the Level 2 concealment SERPA to detectives, and the Level 3 Tactical SERPA with the Xiphos™ weapon mounted light for all K-9 and SWAT officers. Transition to the new holster system will take place during the regular annual firearms training cycle and will be completed by the end of the year.

Virginia Beach PD initially began a trial run with the police academy classes and saw that the SERPA system gave them faster draw times and greater weapon security than their current issue Level 3 holster.  The reduction in weapon take-aways during handgun retention training particularly impressed the academy instructors.

Virginia Beach PD now joins other departments that have taken advantage of the SERPA holster system’s “Every Officer, Every Job, Same Holster Draw” advantage that allows an agency to go to one holster system that has the same draw for all concealment, duty and tactical holsters. This eliminates the “commonality of training” issue that requires an agency to train with a variety of holsters that function in different ways and can confuse officers as they change job roles. With one draw for every holster, this is never an issue.

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