ACCOKEEK, MD- Virginia’s Division of Capitol Police located in the state’s capital of Richmond; has to issue the Beretta Px4 Storm pistols to its officers. The Capitol Police is the oldest police department in the United States, founded in Jamestown in 1618. Today’s purchase of eighty-five .40 caliber Px4 Storm pistols equips the entire force with the latest generation polymer handgun and also allows each officer to participate in Beretta’s Project Allegiance program. Project Allegiance is a support program developed by Beretta USA to honor the law enforcement community and the men and women that strive to keep our communities safe. Project Allegiance provides every officer who purchases a Beretta Px4 Storm pistol a $10,000 line-of-duty death benefit, valid for three years, at no cost to the officer or his/her family. The benefit also allows beneficiaries the option of receiving free bereavement, legal, and financial counseling.

“The commitment demonstrated by Beretta to provide our officers with a state-of-the-art handgun along with the provisions of their Project Allegiance program, were just a few of the factors that made the Division of Capitol Police choose the PX4 Storm,” Chief Kimberly Lettner commented. “The versatility of the Storm accommodates the department’s diversity as well as being exceptionally safe during routine maintenance.”

“Beretta USA is honored to have earned the trust of Virginia’s Division of Capitol Police and to have been given the opportunity to deliver products and services that help protect the officers of this prestigious institution as well as Virginia’s Governor, Lt. Governor, Legislators, and other top state officials,” said Elio J. Oliva, Vice President of Beretta’s Law Enforcement and Defense Division. “We continue to make significant investments to further refine the Px4 Storm family and to provide programs such as Project Allegiance that deliver real value to the law enforcement community,” added Mr. Oliva.

“More and more agencies in the United States are converting their current handgun stable to the Px4 Storm pistol,” commented Matteo Recanatini, Marketing Manager for Beretta’s Law Enforcement and Defense Division. “This trend is a testament to the quality of a firearm that was built from the ground up with today’s Law Enforcement professionals in mind. The reliability, durability, and accuracy of the Px4 Storm, coupled with the ability to customize the firearm to the officer’s hand, advanced barrel design and manufacturing, and the simplicity and ease of maintenance make the Px4 Storm pistol and the new Px4 Subcompact the ideal firearm for the American officer,” said Mr, Recanatini.

The Px4 Storm’s features include the ambidextrous safety, reversible magazine releases, and interchangeable backstraps that all personalize the handgun to the fit of each officer.  The Px4 Storm includes a Picatinny rail for attaching tactical lights or optics, depending upon the mission.

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ACCOKEEK, MD- Virginia’s Division of Capitol Police located in the state’s capital of Richmond;…