Two South Pasadena police officers will not face charges following the fatal shooting of actress Vanessa Marquez. Recently released officer body cam footage shows the former “ER” actress pull what ultimately proved a fake gun, forcing officers to fire upon her.

Actress Vanessa Marquez Shot by Police

The incident, which took place Aug. 30, 2018, began when officers conducted a wellness check after a friend called concerned for her well-being, reported. Footage shows police find the actress living in horrible hoarding conditions, as officers struggle to move through the apartment.

Immediately upon seeing police, Marquez screams and begins shaking. She tells officers she’s suffering from a seizure. But when one officer calls in her condition, she immediately responds “Don’t take me to the hospital. Don’t.”

The video then shows officers, along with a mental health professional, attempt to talk to Marquez. However, her answers range from cryptic to unintelligible. Finally, officer Gilbert Carillo informs Marquez she is being placed under a 5150 hold, for being a danger to herself and others, and will be transported to be treated by a mental health professional.

That’s when Marquez pulls a pair of scissors, followed by a gun. Officers back out of the room, issuing multiple orders to drop the weapon. “Kill me,” she responds. Officers then back all the way out of the apartment and down the stairs. Marquez finally pursues them, clearly pointing the pistol at officers, who open fire.

Officers recovered a pistol following the shooting. It turned out to be a BB gun, one authentically resembling a real pistol, reported Marquez suffered two gun shot wounds. Authorities transported her to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Only minutes before the fatal shooting, Marquez posted to Facebook: “there shooting cremate me pour ashes over Hollywood sign,” reported

“Her intention, as evidenced by her final Facebook post, sadly appears to have been to end her life,” wrote LA District Attorney Shannon Presby, according to

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