Two officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) shot and killed a man armed with what was called in as a machete.

During a press conference after the shooting, Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank said, “The suspect’s weapon was a black, 22-inch homemade plastic sword with black electrical tape over the handle resembling a machete.”

Watch the incident unfold via body camera footage above. The video also includes commentary from Hank.

Vegas Police Forced to Shoot

At approximately 12:17 a.m. on Oct. 27, LVMPD dispatch received information about a man looking into vehicles, walking onto patios, and carrying a machete. Police later identified the man as 44-year-old Lloyd Napouk.

Napouk was talking to himself as he pointed the machete at vehicles and started walking door to door down the street, according to police.

LVMPD patrol Sgt. Buford Kenton and Officer Cameran Gunn arrived in the area. Police said Kenton had a 9mm Glock 19C, equipped with a tactical light. Meanwhile Gunn had a 9mm Glock 19, also equipped with a tactical light.

The two officers quickly located Napouk holding a machete. Police said Napouk refused to obey officers’ commands, as the video shows. He also did not speak clearly and appeared to be mumbling to the officers.

Police said after five minutes of attempting to speak to Napouk, he walked toward Sgt. Kenton.

“Just drop it, bud. I don’t want to shoot you today. It’s not worth it,” Kenton says on camera right before Napouk approaches him.

The dialogue quickly changes as Napouk walks toward him.

“I’m going to shoot you,” Kenton says. “You come one more step, you’re dead.”

A moment later, the officers fired their duty weapons, striking Napouk. Medical personnel responded to the scene and pronounced him deceased.

Police said Sgt. Kenton fired four rounds, while Officer Gunn fired three rounds.

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