High intensity. Violent. Fast. Taxing. These are the words I’d use to describe the engagements we practiced at the Centrifuge Training VCQB course in Texas recently.

What Is Centrifuge Training?

They were demanding yet fun. That sounds appropriate for the person who will find himself cornered in a vehicle in a very bad place, far away overseas, right? I had no idea that bad place would become countless highways and street intersections across the United States. Vehicle close-quarters battle is a real thing, and might be necessary training for an evolving threat.

The Danger Zones

At the time this seemed to be a bit of a novelty curriculum—one less likely to be needed in the average persons’ life. I mean, what is the likelihood of having multiple aggressors converging on your vehicle and you having to engage them in a hectic moment of self-defense? Most of us aren’t over in the Middle East driving a convoy in high-threat areas, right? This was my thought before the recent upheavals and civil unrest in multiple cities across the country. If you’re up on current events, then you know what I’m saying.

Many of us watched videos as large crowds of angry people stopped cars and threatened the occupants inside, sometimes beating on the cars with rocks, bats and other melee-type weapons. They jumped on the cars. Some refused to let go, even as vehicles whisked down the highway. But angry people remained attached to some frightened person’s hood. We watched as guns were pulled on people who likely just wanted to get from point A to point B, by aggressors with no motive other than to intimidate and bully others into doing their will. We’ve watched mobs drage people from their vehicles, beating them. Some victims even lost their lives in the madness. City officials and politicians allow this to go on, and the police are basically powerless. It’s painfully evident that vehicle CQB training is anything but a novelty in the United States these days. It’s a sad necessity.

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