Veteran Convenience Store Illinois
Veteran Pays Group of Soldiers' Tab at Illinois Convenience Store (CREDIT: Fox2)

With Veterans Day approaching, a U.S. Navy vet decided to help out a group of future veterans earlier this week.

The Navy vet was paying for a cup of coffee at a convenience store in Swansea, Ill., when he noticed a group of soldiers in line behind him, according to Fox2.

The man purchased a coffee, then stepped off to the side, and told the cashier he wanted to pay for all of the items purchased by a group of roughly 15 soldiers.

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The man then talked to the thankful soldiers for a while and told them to stay safe, before exchanging handshakes.

The good Samaritan was wearing a Navy Veteran baseball hat, and told the clerk he did not want any recognition for the deed, and didn’t even give his name.

The total tab for the group came in at just less than $70.

“He didn’t want his name, his picture or anything,” the store manager told Fox2. “I don’t know how to explain it. He’s just a great guy.”

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