There’s going long, then there’s going long. Retired ICE Special Agent Victor Avila went really long recently, setting a new distance record for pistol shooting. Avila hit a steel target out at 2,010 yards.

Victor Avila Sets Pistol-Shooting Distance Record

The shot came on an ELR target, using a 10mm pistol. Avila also scored multiple hits on a 1,650 ELR target using a Glock 23. The shooter used 1ShotSystems from USA1SHOT, along with several optical systems designed by Robert Gilmer and Jim Olson. The previous world record holder, C. Sawyer, coached Avila during the 90-minute shoot. Remarkably, Avila made all shots from a standing, offhand position.

Dubbed the ARENA competition, the event was held to demonstrate handgun capabilities. Using advanced technologies, including USA1SHOT and EOTech, shooters make first-shot hits at distances previously considered unimaginable.

Avila spent a career combating human trafficking and drug cartels. He’s currently running for City Counsel in the town of Southlake, Texas.

The 2,010-yard shot puts Avila in some incredible company. According to the video, the legendary Bob Munden established the modern-day record at 200 yards in 1978. Then another legend, Jerry Miculek, stretched the record to 1,000 yards, using a 9mm pistol in 2014. Since then, R. Gilmer Sawyer twice broke the record, at 1,120 and 1,760 yards, followed now by Avila. Want some more long distance? Global Precision Group hit a 6,000-yard rifle shot back in 2019. Keep going long, shooters!

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