The force will buy 10,000 guns at a cost of $7 million. (Victoria Police)

The 3,000 new .40 calibre Smith and Wesson M&P pistols from the United States were checked and cleared by Customs last week.

The self-loading pistols have a magazine capacity of 15 rounds and the provision for a tactical lighting system.

Another 8,000 are on order and will arrive in the next six months.

Officers will be put through a four-day training course beginning in December including familiarisation, cleaning and safety.

Then they will get another day of training in tactical communication, to learn about conflict resolution and mental illness.

Acting Superintendent Terry Jackson said the $25.6 million roll-out of the new guns was one of the most significant projects undertaken by Victoria Police.

All up, more than 10,000 weapons will be purchased at a cost of $7 million.

The pistols, which replace the old .38 revolver, will be issued on a personal basis so that any member qualified to have a gun will be able to keep the same weapon when they are transferred.

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The force will buy 10,000 guns at a cost of $7 million. (Victoria Police)…