The 57 Mk3 gun has this flexibility, which is proven by the fact that it is the deck gun of choice for the US Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter and offshore patrol cutter classes of ships, as well as for the US Navy’s LCS ships and the DDG 1000 Stealth Destroyers.

Bofors 57 Mk3 gun system (US denomination 57 mm Mk110) with its high rate of fire and immediate switch capability between optimized ammunition types, including the new smart 57 mm 3P all-target ammunition, provides high survivability and tactical freedom at all levels of conflict.


* 6-mode programmable all-target ammunition.
* Air burst capability for small boat defence and engagement of concealed targets.
* 220 rounds per minute rate of fire and super accuracy gives short firing sequences.
* 120 rounds ready to fire with immediate shift between two types of ammunition.
* On-mount muzzle velocity radar.
* Computer-controlled burst pattern.
* Remotely-operated with gyro-stabilized local control back-up.
* Maximum range: 17,000 metres.

Technical Data:

* Rounds in gun: 120 rounds.
* Time to open fire at 45° training and 35° elevation from stand-by condition: 2.2 s.
* Rate of fire: 4 rounds per second.
* Muzzle velocity: 1,035 m/s.
* Max range: 17,000 m.
* Dispersion (typical values): – Elevation (s-value) 0.4 mrad – T raining (s-value) 0.4 mrad.
* Life of barrel: up to 5,300 rounds.
* Total weight of gun (excl. ammunition): 7,500 kg.
* Weight including 1,000 rounds onboard: 14,000 kg.
* Length of ammunition hoists: 1,960 to 9,805 mm.
* Gyro-stabilized in local control.

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The 57 Mk3 gun has this flexibility, which is proven by the fact that…