Never knowing what high risk situation they’ll be called to next, Memphis Police Department’s elite TACT Unit must prepare for it all.

Each week they fine-tune their skills with a training day because in their business, they can’t afford to make a mistake.

“Our job is to preserve life,” said Lieutenant Ernest Greenleaf.

Tactical training from the air includes fast roping from a department helicopter. Four men at a time use their hands and feet to guide them down.

“If you don’t practice that maneuver and perfect it, you’re not able to stop yourself, and you’ll hit the ground and be hurt.”

The risk and skill of fast roping makes Memphis one of three police department’s who do it nationally. They use the method to land in fields, and on top of buildings like 201 Poplar. It’s practice for things like a hostage situation.

TACT Unit accuracy is also tested on the firing range. Members are issued three weapons once they make the team. They use them for different targets and shooting distances.

From rifles to handguns, TACT members live by a “shoot and move” philosophy. And it’s not for everyone. For those who try out to do this, Memphis Police say only seven percent make it.

Source: Tealy Devereaux for My Fox Memphis.

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