Indiana’s Governor and one of Fort Wayne’s former mayors see eye-to-eye on many issues. Gun control is not one of them.

On February 23, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence released its annual report card on gun control laws. Indiana failed.

“Every year we look at all 50 states and give them a score in terms of what gun laws they have in place. What do they do to make it harder for dangerous people to get guns? What do they do for keeping children from getting guns? It’s a 100 point scale. The states that scores the best is California at about 73. Indiana comes in right near the bottom at six points,” explained former Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke . Helmke now heads up the Brady Campaign.

Just a few weeks after that report was released, on March 4, Governor Mitch Daniels signed House Bill 1065 into law. It says employees can take guns to work as long as they’re kept out of sight and in a locked vehicle.

Daniels told NewsChannel 15 his decision to sign the bill was influenced by state lawmakers. “It passed overwhelmingly in both houses, both parties, and to an extent I was deferring to the will of the legislature.”

Both Helmke and Daniels refer to the U.S. Constitution when talking about gun control legislation.

“The employer has some property rights, clearly, about their parking lot. But there’s also a constitutional right, which interestingly is even stronger in the Indiana Constitution than it is in the U.S. Constitution,” said Daniels.

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