An Oxnard Police officer recently shot a juvenile girl who charged the officer with a large kitchen knife in California. Despite repeated commands to drop the knife, the 17-year-old pulled approached the officer, who responded with multiple shots from his service pistol. Officer body cam footage shows the entire scene play out.

The incident began when police responded to a woman’s call reporting a “disturbed” teen waving a knife near a Carl’s Jr. restaurant. “In a handful of calls to dispatchers, the witness said the girl might have a gun as well. The caller also said the teen’s behavior was getting ‘increasingly worse’ as she yelled and threatened people, according to police,” as reported by

Oxnard Police Responds

Officer Timothy Roberts responds to the scene, where he immediately attempts to deescalate the situation. “Why is someone calling saying you’re waving a knife around,” he asks. In turn, the young lady begins reaching for the knife.

“Don’t reach for the knife,” the officer commands. “Sit right here on the curb.”

“Why, what happens if I reach for it?” the girl asked.

“Then something bad is going to happen,” the officer responds.

The young lady then immediately pulls the knife and begins approaching the officer. Roberts begins backing up, creating distance between himself and the suspect. Meanwhile, he radios for backup and alerts that the young lady is armed and approaching him.

“Put the knife down,” he says again. “Drop it.”

“No,” the girl replies, continuing to advance. “Come on, shoot me. I’ve been waiting all day. I’ve been waiting. Come on.

Finally the young lady charges, and Roberts responds with what sounds like three quick shots, dropping the suspect. The suspect remains in critical but stable condition, while the department placed Reynolds on administrative leave, according to

The incident played out eerily similar to a shooting we reported here back in February. There, a Maricopa Sheriff’s Deputy shot an armed terrorism suspect. The 18-year-old suspect threw rocks and ultimately charged the officer with a knife.

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