Have you ever gotten into a car accident with a compact car or even an SUV? Even a minor accident ruins your day. Now imagined being clipped by a Russian BMD-4 amphibious infantry fighting vehicle.

The massive armored vehicle weighs nearly 30,000 pounds, approximately five times the weight of a Ford F-150. Ruining your day is an understatement.

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A Russian military convoy was recently passing through an intersection when a BMD-4 made a late turn. Seemingly speeding up before the turn, the BMD fishtailed and shot into an unsuspecting civilian SUV. The result saw a Skoda sport utility vehicle spin 90 degrees with its airbags quickly deployed.

Popular Mechanics has an explanation for the seemingly avoidable accident:

The BMDs in the convoy are all carrying some kind of covered object, possibly the cluster of parachutes that allow it to be dropped from an aircraft and land safely. The weight of the extra gear might have made the vehicle top-heavy and thrown off the driver.

The accident was captured on a trailing dash cam, which we’ve included above.

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