A mother and daughter found courage to fend off a theft. They foiled two men who they say intended to rob their business. The men went into their furniture store in the 2800 block of West Chestnut Expressway, looking for a bargain, just past noon Saturday.

Marty Woodman and her daughter, Angela Mallard, work at Smart Buy Home Furnishings. On their lunch hour on Saturday, Mallard went out to get food for both of them.

“I was helping a man with tables,” said Woodman.

Looking back, Woodman realizes this customer was actually distracting her so his partner could do some shopping of his own. The younger man kept Woodman at the far end of the store so she couldn’t see his partner ransacking the office.
What the men didn’t anticipate was Mallard getting back with lunch quickly. She went into the office and caught the older man walking out of the office with a bank bag.

“I’m looking for a job,” Mallard says he told her.

“Not back here, you’re not,” she told him.

Woodman wanted to call 911 but says the men had unplugged the store’s telephone. It was time for plan B.

At Mallard’s request, Woodman got her daughter’s legal concealed handgun out of her car and handed it to Mallard. One man tried to leave, but changed his mind when Woodman sternly told him to go back inside. Mallard then held the defeated men in the back at gunpoint.

“If I had pulled the trigger, the whole world would have changed,” said Mallard.

Woodman flagged down folks in the parking lot and asked them to call 911.


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