Virginia Beach Police Department body cameras

The Virginia Beach Police Department is looking into securing body cameras for its officers.

The state’s largest city is looking to join other nearby departments in the effort for public transparency, according to the The Virginian Pilot:

The project would require 420 cameras and cost $700,000 the first year, according to [Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim] Cervera’s presentation. There’s no money for them in the proposed budget for 2015-16.

… Cervera did not give a timeline for the project. He said the department is reviewing how best to use them, including where to place the cameras, how to store the footage and what policies to implement.

“Everywhere I go, every group that I speak to, I’m asked the following question: ‘Do we have body cameras?’ We do not,” Cervera told The Virginian Pilot . “It’s just a matter of time before the expectation of society is that every cop is going to have a body camera every time they interact with a citizen.”

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