Volvo Inflatable Child Car Seat Concept
Volvo Inflatable Child Car Seat Concept

Swedish carmaker Volvo is introducing their brand new Inflatable Child Car Seat Concept, which is a lightweight, military-grade car seat designed for easy carry while maintaining optimum safety standards.

According to the Washington Post, the seat weighs just 11 pounds, which is half the weight of normal rear-facing child seats. It also deflates into a backpack when it is not being used. Inflation and deflation, which is done in 40 seconds, is achieved using an integrated air pump. The seat is also remotely inflatable using a built-in Bluetooth connection.

As the Post reports, the seat is made from drop-stitch fabric. Volvo claims this material was developed by the U.S. military when they were working on making inflatable airplanes. The fabric inflates to such a high pressure that it is durable enough to protect a small child during a car accident. Volvo says the seat can be kept in a rear-facing position for three to four years.

The release date for this product has not yet been announced. See video of the announcement below.

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