The Vortex 1-8x30 Active Reticle Fire Control increases hit probability.

Vortex Optics just announced a big score for the company. The U.S. Army – PM Soldier Lethality awarded Vortex an agreement to deliver Next Generation Squad Weapon-Fire Control (NGSW-FC) Production Ready Prototypes for Soldier TouchPoint (STP) evaluations.

Vortex Active Reticle Joins Army NGSW

“As a veteran-owned, non-traditional defense contractor, it’s very important to us that we listen to warfighters,” said Sam Hamilton, Chief Technical Officer at Vortex Optics. “When we learned of the soldier’s need for increased lethality out of their squad weapons—combined with the Small Arms Ammunition Configuration (SAAC) study, which proved that advancements in electro-optical fire control had the greatest potential to increase soldier’s lethality—we knew there was an important capability gap we could fill.”

The Vortex Optics 1-8×30 Active Reticle Fire Control utilizes a revolutionary technology, according to Vortex. It blends years of research with multiple cooperative development efforts with the Army’s PM-Solider Weapons group. The resulting Active Reticle increases hit percentage. Additionally, it decreases time to engage target during U.S. Army Soldier touchpoints over the last two years.By increasing hit probability and decreasing time to target, the Vortex Active Reticle Fire Control looks to be a big innovation.

“By combining a unity power 1-8x direct view optic utilizing a first focal plane, etched reticle, a 1km capable laser rangefinder, state of the art on-board ballistic engine, atmospheric sensor suite, and programmable active matrix micro-display overlaid onto the first focal plane, Active Reticle delivers a true multi-mission fire control enabling everything from CQB to designated marksmanship at the extents of the NGSW’s effective range,” Hamilton said.

The Vortex Active Reticle system reportedly enables the soldier to devote their entire focus downrange. “End-users will no longer need to leave their field of view to consult separate rangefinders or ballistic calculators, slowing them down and compromising their situational awareness,” Hamilton said.

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