Here at Athlon Outdoors (Tactical Life, Personal Defense World & Ballistic), we’ve been to a lot of ranges. I mean, a lot of ranges. So when something truly impresses, it says something about the facility. Well, Vortex Optics just dropped the announcement on its new facility, dubbed Vortex Edge. And it looks absolutely phenomenal.

Vortex Edge Range Facility

Vortex Edge comprises a state-of-the-art training facility in Wisconsin. Designed to host shooters of all skill levels, house courses train new shooters and elite law enforcement units alike. Vortex Edge meets that broad mission with multiple indoor ranges, including individual 100-yard, 50-yard and 25-yard ranges. The facility also includes an indoor shoot house and VirTra 300 simulator. Finally, a 1,000-yard outdoor range completes this incredible facility.

100-Yard Indoor Range

  • Bullet trap rated to stop .50 BMG
  • Portable bullet traps provide versatile range setup
  • Barriers provide opportunities for positional shooting training
  • Variable lighting controls enable daytime, low-light and night training

50-Yard Indoor Range

  • Move anywhere within for live-fire training
  • Lateral moving and programmable targets for scenarios
  • Action Target Dual Running Man Pro moving targets
  • CAPS Simulator enables live-fire, scenario-based training
  • Portable bullet traps for versatility
  • Monthly indoor USPSA matches
  • Variable lighting control

25-Yard Indoor Range

  • Move anywhere versatility
  • Accommodates up to 12 shooters for pistol and rifle training
  • Monthly indoor USPSA matches
  • Portable bullet traps
  • Variable lighting control

Indoor Shoot House

  • 3,400-square-foot modular tactical house
  • Contains 100 wall, window and door panels for variety configuration
  • Catwalks and integrated video system
  • Conduct scenario-based exercises using NLTA ammo
  • Variable lighting control
  • VirTra 300 Simulator Room
  • Houses state-of-the-art VIRTRA 300 interactive video simulator
  • Simulates a variety of tactical scenarios
  • Simulates support training for law enforcement and private citizens alike

Outdoor Range

  • 360-acres property for live-fire exercises
  • Long-range out to 1,000 yards and beyond
  • Covered firing lines
  • Natural and artificial structures for positional shooting
  • In Motion moving target system

Vortex seemingly hit one out of the park with this massive, versatile training complex. Look for numerous shooting, training and competition opportunities here in the future. We’re guessing some big-time national matches end up finding a home here. For even more info, please visit

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