Body cam footage from the Muskogee Police Department captured the moment an officer shot and killed an armed felon in Oklahoma recently.

The suspect, Andrew Kana, attacked a woman in a restaurant prior to officers responding to the scene. A 9-1-1 call, featured in the police report, tells how Kana nearly strangled a woman to death before police arrived.

Authorities already wanted Kana in connection with several outstanding violent felony warrants, according to a statement released by Muskogee Police.

While resisting arrest, police said Kana reached behind his hip, brandishing a sub-compact .380 pistol. Consequently, Sergeant Ron Yates responded, firing three shots from his service pistol, center mass, causing Kana to drop to the floor. Authorities pronounced Kana dead at the scene.

During the altercation, Yates determined that Kana was dangerous, resisting and posed a threat to others, according to a police report.

Yates is a veteran officer with 18 years of service with the Muskogee Police Department. He is a CLEET Firearms Instructor, day shift patrol supervisor and a second generation lawman in Muskogee. Two additional officers, Jarad Jones and Taylor Mills, responded to the incident. 

Muskogee Police: Full Report


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