U.S. Marine guides the driver of a Humvee through a river as they negotiate through the rugged terrain of Khowst Province, Afghanistan, on March 28, 2005. Image: Cpl. James L. Yarboro, U.S. Marine Corps; DoD

The Army is willing “to take a look” at all potential vehicle alternatives that can meet the JLTV’s cost and performance goals, Secretary John McHugh said during today’s Defense Writers Group breakfast. McHugh was vague on what current alternatives are under consideration. But one possibility was not on the list. “We are done with the Humvee,” he said regarding using an upgraded version of the truck to fill the JLTV’s requirements.


Some inside the Beltway argue the Army could get JLTV-like capability for a fraction of the cost by using revamped Humvees. That argument picked up steam earlier this month when the Army and Marine Corps lowered their expectations for the new tactical vehicle.

Downgraded requirements also made the truck virtually indistinguishable from the retooled version of the Humvee, some outside the Pentagon claim. McHugh made clear to reporters today he is not one of those people.

There is simply no comparison to what a upgraded Humvee can do and what a JLTV is designed to do, he told reporters. The Army does not expect that assessment to change anytime soon, he added.

There is no way the Humvee could be modified to the point where it could replace the JLTV, even if the Army wanted to, a top service officer says.

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