wes doss joins panteao productions
Photo by Panteao Productions

Panteao Productions is expanding their stacked instructor lineup with the addition of Wes Doss, the founder, president and general operation manager of Khyber Interactive Associates, LLC,. Expect new videos featuring Doss in the very near future.

Wes Doss certainly has the resume for the gig. According to the press release, he’s a world renowned firearms, tactics and use of force instructor with over three decades of experience in military and law enforcement. He’s spent a ton of time in military and law enforcement tactical operations and protective service organizations.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Wes is also a published author. His work has appeared in a bunch of different publications, including American Handgunner, American Cop, Police Magazine, Law Officer, SWAT magazine, ASLET “The Trainer”, and The NTOA “Tactical Edge.” Not only that, he’s also penned two bestselling books: “Train to Win”, and “Condition to Win,” both of which are are training psychology/philosophy books geared toward law enforcement and military trainers and professionals.

Wes is a great addition to Panteao. He knows better than anyone that there’s more to handling austere situations than simply pulling the trigger. Understanding the why and how will help you gain the edge in dangerous situations. His training methodologies are second to none.

“I had heard great things about Wes from others in the training community. Then one of our instructors, Freddie Blish, introduced me to Wes,” said Fernando Coelho, President of Panteao Productions. Fernando added, “Wes brings a new perspective to our instructor cadre that will be a great benefit to the viewers of our training videos.”

Panteao has two video titles featuring Wes in the pipeline. They’re both scheduled to be filmed in February 2017. To learn more about Wes Doss and Khyber Interactive Associates, visit www.KHYBERTRAINING.com and www.LSLUSTOUR.com.

You can find his page on the Panteao website here:  http://panteao.com/instructors/wes-doss/

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