“It’s nothing that I ever thought I’d ever go through,” the victim said. “I got the gun in case something were to happen, but I never ever thought in a million years I’d actually have to use it.”

According to the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, the resident heard footsteps in her home on the 3500 block of Commercial Avenue in the township of Blooming Grove around 2 a.m. Saturday.

The victim said she heard the noises downstairs and thought it was her roommate coming home from a night out. She preceded to text him, and he responded that he wasn’t home.

“I heard somebody coming up the steps to my room and just kind of said, ‘here goes nothing,'”the victim said.

She then grabbed her gun and her phone. As she was dialing 911, a masked intruder appeared who attempted to use a form of pepper spray on her. That’s when she fired several shots at the intruder, police said.

“What if I didn’t have it?” the victim later asked. “Where would I be right now, you know? Like what would have happened to me if I didn’t?”

Source: News8000 WKTB

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