Witness Network App Sept
'Witness' App Sharing Vital Information with Law Enforcement

Former law enforcement officer Jeremy Couch wanted to make the lives of police, as well as civilians, easier when a crime was committed — that’s why he invented the Wintess app and social network.

On the Witness Network App, anyone who witnesses a crime can log important information that is shared with law enforcement officers and other members of the network. The goal is to make catching criminals easier.

“I not only wanted a tool that could assist the police, but businesses and the public as well,” Couch said. “With Witness, I came up with a social networking product that gave everyone a standardized way of communicating key pieces of information detailing property, people and places in an event page display with field specific data. We all interact with these things everyday but when it came time to communicate information regarding them, we weren’t very organized. Now you can be!”

For more information on the Witness Network App and to create a free account, please visit WitnessNetworkApp.com.

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