A woman apparently tried to perform an exorcism on a police officer in Wisconsin recently. As you might imagine, it didn’t end well for the lady. Amateur video captured the weird encounter, which caught fire on social media.

Woman Attempts Exorcism on Officer

In the footage, you see the woman with her hand held out, fingers extended wide. She’s screaming a chant-like gobbledygook that likely isn’t anything. Or maybe it’s from the tongue of the dead, who knows. But the intensity in her eyes, her face. She clearly means business. Is she screaming “The power of christ compels you,” repeatedly? We sure think so.

Meanwhile, the officer has to be wondering who punk’d him at the station, sending him into this dumpster fire. He repeatedly issues warnings as he backpedals away from the lady. We’re not sure if the officer believes the woman will snatch his soul, or possibly take a bite from his jugular, but it’s clear he wants no part of it. Finally, after giving the woman enough time to change her mind, the officer hits her with the Taser.

The video, once posted to social media, took off. “She could have conducted herself a little better,” a person wrote on Reddit, according to Another person likened the video to that classic scene in “The Exorcist,” saying “The power of 50,000 volts compelled her to fall onto the ground.”

We couldn’t find any specific information on the law enforcement department or the woman. So just appreciate that our officer used less lethal to stop the sinister attack, and be thankful for the internet.

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