Body cam and dash cam footage have been released of a handcuffed woman stealing a Tulsa Police car. Officers eventually apprehended the woman without any injuries and then some serious hilarity ensued.

Watch the video above. The “action” starts at the 20:00 mark. Stick around after the arrest for some quality banter.

Tulsa Police Car Stolen

The March 30, 2018, incident began after police placed 36-year-old Angie Frost into handcuffs while driving a stolen vehicle, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. Police put Frost in the passenger seat of a cruiser, as it did not have a rear cage.

While police discussed the case outside, Frost slipped her cuffs inside. As she begins to make noise, one officer asks, “What is she doing?”

A second officer responds, “Trying to steal your car.”

Seconds later, Frost takes off in the Tulsa Police car at full speed.

Numerous units converge on Frost, who drives to her apartment complex and bails out of the car. The cruiser slowly rolls into a parked car with no damage.

After a very short search, Police locate Frost and place her into custody.

According to News on 6, “Frost is already in prison. Court records show Frost pleaded guilty to four counts in May and a judge sentenced her to three years in prison.”

Post-Arrest Banter

Though it is a serious mishap, the video proves to be more than entertaining after police arrest Frost.

The officers joke at Frost’s expense, as well as the officer whose car was stolen. We’ve highlighted some of the key banter below, but the entire video from the 19:50 point onward is worth a watch.


Frost: “You guys told me I was going to jail for something I did not do. Now, I’m going to jail for something I did.”

Filming Officer: “Well, there we go — silver lining.”


Frost: “I was willing to give up f*cking drugs, everybody, the heads of all the mobs and the gangs, and all that f*cking sh*t, but you guys …”

Officer No. 1: “Hey, you know what? Our bad.”


Officer No. 1: “We saw you do it.”

Frost: “No you didn’t see me do it.”

Filming Officer: “I did.”

Frost: “He did.”


Frost: “I know you hate me right now …

Filming Officer: “I don’t hate you. This was hilarious; best thing that’s happened to me in a while.”


Filming Officer: “This will be tougher to steal. This is one of our updated, hard-to-steal models.”


Filming Officer: “I’m not even mad, I’m impressed.”

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