An off-duty New York City police officer foiled an armed heist while she was getting her hair done at a Brooklyn salon – trading bullets with a gunman in a spectacular shootout.

Officer Feris Jones, 50, dodged three bullets fired at close range from a teenage gunman, but was not struck during the incident at the Fort Greene, Brooklyn, US, shop, police sources told the New York Post.

Authorities today identified the suspect, who was still on the loose, as Winston Cox, 19, and said he was shot in either his right arm or thigh and may also have bandages on his hands.

“It all happened in a blur,” salon owner Sabine Bellevue told the Post. “We were on the ground, and the shop is not large at all. My ears are still ringing.”

Thank God she was there, because it could have gone differently. He was fully loaded,” Ms Bellevue said.

The harrowing shootout unfolded at around 6.30pm local time yesterday when the would-be robber busted into Sabine’s Hallway Beauty Salon.

Officer Jones, who had just gotten off work, was not in uniform when the gunman showed up.

He was able to enter through the salon door, which is usually locked, because it was held open by a woman who had just made an appointment, sources said. Cops were looking for that woman to question her.

The man then whipped out a gun and demanded everyone’s cash and property and forced them to the back of the salon.

But Officer Jones took out her gun, identified herself as a police officer and ordered him to drop his weapon.
“(Officer Jones) told us to get down. She informed (the gunman) who she was and that’s when he started shooting,” Ms Bellevue said.

When the robber opened fire, Officer Jones, who works at the NYPD Crime Lab, shot back, striking him. “I didn’t see him get hit, but I know he was – he was just screaming and cursing,” Ms Bellevue said.

Source: Larry Celona, Matthew Nestel for the New York Post via

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