AMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait – Soldiers of the 4th Sustainment Brigade stationed here are heading out for combat in style these days, with the new Army Combat Shirt added to their combat gear as the latest and greatest uniform addition.

The ‘Wrangler’ Brigade purchased roughly 4,000 shirts, for servicemembers whose main focus is to transport vital supplies across the Iraq Area of Responsibility.

The 109th Gun Truck Company, along with other units underneath the brigade began receiving the new shirts in July.

“Now we look even more awesome. I have not seen a whole lot of Soldiers in theater wearing the ACS, it looks like we were one of the first ones to get the new shirt,” said Sgt. Gerald Wright, a truck commander with the 109th Transportation Company, from Mannheim, Germany, and one of the first units to receive the shirt.

The ACS comes complete with no-seam shoulders to minimize rubbing with body armor, built in elbow pads made of super-fabric abrasion dots, flame resistant zippers, and for comfort, no-seam side panel construction that allows air to filter through the material.

The shirt also comes with zippered pockets for safe storage and adjustable hook and loop wrist closures.

The ACS is worn in place of the flame-resistant Army Combat Uniform jacket under the new Individual Outer Tactical Vest.

“The ACS shirt is more streamlined like the IOTV,” said Spc. Branden Baxtor, a gunner with the 109th Trans. Co. “They are less bulky, fewer pockets, and much more comfortable,” he added.

The ACS features three new innovative flame-resistant fabrics: Breeze, Helium, and Blaze.

Breeze and Helium fabrics are used in the neck and torso portions that are protected by body armor. They are designed to be cooler and allow for more ventilation. Both materials are adaptable, lightweight, flexible, breathable, and have moisture wicking capabilities.

The third fabric Blaze, provides top of the line flame and heat protection in areas not covered by body armor, making this material heavier and highly wicking.

“The shirt helps keep the core body temperature down, which reduces the possibility of becoming a heat casualty,” said Command Sgt. Major Erik R.R. Frey, the 4th Sustainment Brigade Command Sergeant Major and who’s brigade supply office spearheaded the ordering of the new combat shirts.

“This is a great piece of kit for our men and women and will help cut down on the severity of flash burns in the event of and IED attack,” Frey added.

“There is a significant difference in keeping you cool between the ACS and the flame-resistant ACU,” said Sgt. Shannon Hernandez, a Gun Truck Commander.

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