Corporal Walter Davis Watch
The pocket watch of Corporal Walter Davis. (CREDIT:

Had it not been for one pocket watch, 45 people over the course of four generations would not have existed.

That pocket watch saved the life of 22-year-old Cpl. Walter Davis after he was sent to the Western Front during World War I in 1915.

According to Mirror Online, “Davis was struck in the chest by a bullet while wearing the two inch-wide watch – which absorbed the impact.”

The result of the shot fired at Davis was a small chip on the face of the watch and, more importantly, an unharmed Davis.

Davis also kept a diary of his experiences.

“If I am to die here, I shall, and if not here then somewhere else, for they are all going a few at a time.”

The book has now been reproduced by his great-granddaughter Louise Ward, who has also included a section about her grandfather, Walter John, who served in World War Two.

“He didn’t have any children before the war so if it wasn’t for that watch in the top pocket of his uniform jacket, I wouldn’t be here,” Louise told the Wolverhampton Express and Star. “In fact, there are 45 people from four generations who wouldn’t be here now.”

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