TASER X26P Smart Weapon LAPD
LAPD Adding More Than 3,100 TASER X26P Smart Weapons

The following is a release from the Yonkers Police Department:

The Yonkers Police Department Training Division will be purchasing 66 additional Taser X26Ps for use in patrol and training all members of service in their correct use. Currently, the department has 58 Taser X26 models issued to emergency services unit personnel and patrol sergeants. This will expand the Taser program in the Yonkers Police Department so that more officers have access to Tasers. Available research has shown Taser to be a successful and safe tool in taking custody of active/ aggressively resistant subjects.

The Taser X26P (an Electronic Control Device, or ECD) is a less-than-lethal option that officers may use to incapacitate active/ aggressively resistant subjects, whom police may have to take into custody. Subjects are temporarily disabled, preventing them from resisting, assaulting others, or harming themselves, while receiving the electrical charge. Officers can use this brief period of incapacity to take control of subjects, and bring them into custody safely.

“Providing Tasers to our Yonkers Police Officers is a responsible and proactive measure in our obligation in offering every tool available to better safeguard the public and our officers,” Mayor Mike Spano said in a statement.

Taser CAM, equipped on all issued Tasers, provides the ability to record audio and video of such encounters in which TASERs are activated (whether there is an electrical discharge or not).

“The expanded availability of Tasers for our Officers will give them another less lethal option for use while on patrol,” Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said in statement. “The audio and video capabilities of the device will also assist in any subsequent review of usage.”

Training of all members of service in the use of Taser is scheduled to be completed by Feb. 28, 2015. This training will include instruction on when and how to use the ECD properly, department policy, and hands-on training.

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