ZRODelta Victrix Armaments, Victrix Rifles

ZRODelta announced it has entered a new partnership with Victrix Armaments. The agreements gives ZRODelta exclusive distribution of Victrix Armaments professional and sporting products in the U.S.

ZRODelta Partners With Victrix Armaments

We reported previously on both the Victrix Pugio and Scorpio tactical sniper rifles. We were blown away with the collection of high-end components, craftsmanship and lethal accuracy. Get behind a Victrix, and you’ll be impressed. It’s easy to see why the company builds elite weapon systems for special operations units around the world.

Previously acquired by Beretta for a spell, Rottigni Officina Meccanica repurchased the Victrix brand. Now begins a new journey in the U.S. market, via partnership with our friends at ZRODelta.

Built tough enough for military use, Victrix’s new Professional line heads to American consumers. It includes the all-new Pugio, Gladio, Scorpio, Tormento, and Corvo. Calibers range from .308 all the way up to .50. Victrix also heads into the Sporting Competition market with the introduction of the Target & Target Blackbelt (F-TR), Absolute (F-Open), Performance and Challenge (NRL & PRS), and the Crown and Throne (King of 2 Miles). The ROME line of accessories includes optic mounts and rings, bipods, suppressors and chassis.

ZRODelta will also continue to manufacture its own line of Modulus Modular Pistols, Ready SeriesTM rifles and VenatorTM semi-auto precision rifles. Ultimately, ZRODelta’s own lineup of quality arms sparked the eventual partnership with Victrix.

Collaboration of Like Minds

“When I picked up the ZRODelta Venator, it could have been a Victrix product,” Victrix founder and Chief executive Giuseppe Valtorta said. “I knew at that point that the people behind ZRODelta were different, and would be able to deliver and support our products to those in the United States who value the same qualities we value.”

“Our partnership with Victrix will begin a new era for ZRODelta,” ZRODelta President John Birk said. “Just as we build the most accurate semi-automatic platforms in the world, Victrix builds the finest bolt action rifles in the world—period. Giuseppe and I pour our hearts into what we do every day and breathe life into our products for the benefit of our customers and end-users, and we are incredibly excited to bring the new Victrix brand to America for everyone to enjoy.”

The partnership brings streamlined pricing to U.S. customers, according to ZRODelta. The companies also plan to grow this effort, ultimately forming Victrix USA in the future; that effort would bring more products and joint products to American consumers. Lastly, for more information, visit zrodelta.com and victrixarmaments-usa.com.

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