AirForce Airguns has announced the introduction of one of the most effective and technologically advanced noise reduction systems for airguns. The just unveiled Sound-Loc™ Noise Reduction System is designed specifically for AirForce’s TalonSS and CondorSS air rifles.

AirForce has now improved sound reduction technology with the new Sound-Loc system. Sound-Loc incorporates asymmetrical deflection of air exiting the muzzle as the gun is fired. It also includes captured air expansion and reflexive air flow which combine to decelerate air velocity and minimize the report of the rifle. These changes move AirForce from the first to the most advanced integral sound suppression system ever designed for an airgun.

All new factory production of these 2 models will have the Sound-Loc system installed during manufacture. For earlier TalonSS models, AirForce is offering, for purchase, an accessory kit that allows easy and quick user installation.

“One concern we hear about often is the sound of the report and we decided it needed to be reduced.” said AirForce founder and CEO John McCaslin. “To keep it legal we needed to take advantage of our unique design and build the suppression elements as part of a purpose built integral system.”

“We also wanted to make sure that our existing TalonSS could be retrofitted without having to ship the gun to the factory although that service is available,” added McCaslin.

Sound-Loc is available in kit form for user installation in earlier AirForce TalonSS model air rifles. The kit includes all of the elements needed to add this advanced new technology to earlier TalonSS rifles.

AirForce pioneered airgun sound reduction with the 2000 introduction of the still popular TalonSS air rifle that offered the quietest operation of any high power pre-charged air rifle. In 2013, AirForce improves on the sound level reduction and extends that same quiet accuracy to the new CondorSS air rifle.

AirForce Airguns has been innovating, designing and producing precision pre-charged air guns at their Fort Worth, Texas headquarters for over 15 years. AirForce is known for developing the most technologically advanced airgun shooting systems in the world and is the original and favorite black airgun. With a reputation for flexibility and legendary accuracy, AirForce Airguns offers a solution for just about any airgun shooting situation.

For more information on AirForce Airguns, visit or write to AirForce Airguns, P.O. Box 2478, Fort Worth, Texas 76113

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