ARCHANGEL MANUFACTURING is proud to present the newest member of its Precision Rifle Stock family, the OPFOR® AA9130, for the M-1891 Mosin-Nagant, and most common variants.

Offering a drop-in fit for most available variants, the OPFOR® AA9130 is a modern streamlined lightweight stock featuring steel pillar-bedding, click-adjustable length of pull with rubber butt-pad, click-adjustable cheek-riser, a modern ergonomic goose-neck style grip with comfortable palm swell, and QD sling receptacles. The forend allows free-floating of most barrel contours and includes a barrel tensioner.

The stock is inletted to accept a Timney Trigger® without any modification required. A blanking piece is supplied to fill the inlet for the Timney Trigger if the original trigger is retained.

The OPFOR AA9130 Precision Rifle Stock weighs just 8-oz. more than an original full-length M-1891 stock with that extra weight in the butt-stock area giving the rifle better balance and reducing felt recoil.
The OPFOR AA9130 will accept the Soviet-era hex and round receiver barreled-actions, plus the M-38/M-44 Soviet carbines, the T-53 Chinese carbines, and the Finnish M-39 rifles and carbines.

For those riflemen who have always craved more magazine capacity for their Mosin, the AA9130 stock is designed* for the use of Archangel’s new detachable polymer magazines* developed for this stock – standard is a 5-rd magazine (AA762R 01), a 10-rd magazine (AA762R 02) is available separately. The AA9130 is offered in standard Black, Desert Tan (AA9130-DT), and O.D. Green (AA9130-OD).

All components of the stock and magazine are Proudly Made In The USA!

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