“Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg. (APO) is now manufacturing the SABER® modular rifle chassis for several rifles in the ever popular .30-06 caliber. Shooters can now get long action SABER chassis models in right and left hand operation for the Remington M700, McMillan G30 and Stiller TAC300 with a detachable 5rd box magazine for the .30-06 family of cartridges. Around for more than 100 years and originally a military cartridge, the .30-06 Springfield is perhaps one of the most popular big game hunting cartridges in American history!”

For hunters and recreational shooters the SABER Composite Series “Sporter” is a drop in, torque down and shoot upgrade for .30-06 rifles with 1.200″ to 1.300″ barrel shank diameters (from light sporters up to a #4 barrel contour). The entire rifle chassis installation takes just several minutes with simple tools on your home workbench, or at the local gun shop, with no gunsmithing or bedding required.

The Sporter weighs in at 5¼ lbs, is completely modular, features an ergonomic hand tool adjustable (HTA) shoulder stock, custom Limbsaver® recoil pad, a 5rd detachable magazine, adjustable grip angle and distance, and ERGO® Sure Grip. The Sporter is a comfortable, low recoil rifle chassis impervious to all weather conditions and shoots comfortably off hand, supported, or when mounted on a bipod. The Sporter has two sling swivel studs solidly mounted in the forend.

For the practical rifle competitor and target shooting enthusiast the “aught-six” long action SABER Chassis is also available in the new Quattro Alloy (AL) Series in both MOD-0 and MOD-1 configurations. The MOD-0 has all the standard features of the Sporter, except the sleek Alloy Series forend has accessory rail attachment points at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The modular rifle chassis has flush cup sling swivel attachment points along its entire length. The Quattro Alloy Series forends can be ordered in Standard, Tactical and the exciting new SuperSport designs. Standard Cerakote finishes include Black, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth and Nordic Gray.

For the hard core long range .30-06 shooters and tactical professionals the SABER MIL-SPEC Carbon Fiber Series MOD-1 model features the heat mitigating forend design, 12 o’clock 30 MOA unitized monolithic rail, co-bore aligned 3 and 6 o’clock accessory rail attachment points, adjustable grip angle and distance, and Magpul® M1AD hand grip.

The chassis also has an ergonomic folding Push Button Adjustable Hybrid (PBA-H) shoulder stock with a custom Limbsaver recoil pad and flush cups. A wide range of interchangeable SABER accessories include a folding field Monopod that is interchangeable with the butt hook.

For more information about Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg., SABER®-FORSST® Modular Rifle Chassis systems and our precision long range shooting equipment line of products, please visit the APO Welcome section of our website.

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