Blind Horse Knives introduces a series of hunting knives. These are the knives you want to check out

when you are planning your next hunting trip. They will be the tough, reliable tool you need with you when you are heading out on the hunt.

These knives are handmade in the USA by American craftsmen. The hunting series includes; The Western Hunter, The Western Pro, The M.U.K., The Frontier Valley, The Frontier Trapper, The Frontier First, The Woodsman, The Brumby, The Brumby Lite, The Maverick Scout, The Woodsman Pro, and

The Maverick Colt. Each knife has its own specifications, materials, carry options, and price so visit for information on each knife.

The Hunting Series has many knives to choose from so you can find the perfect knife. Everyone has their

own preferences and opinions when it comes to knives. The Hunting Series will help you choose the

right knife to take with you on your next hunting trip.

These knives are up for the task. Take one in the woods with you and you won’t regret it.

Check out all of the hunting series knives and more at

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