Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC., a developer of innovative products for the shooting industry, has recently announced its flagship product, the “Bullseye Camera System”.

The Bullseye Camera System is a wireless target camera that is placed 2-8 feet away from the target and wirelessly transmits back to your shooting location where you can view each and every shot as it happens, directly on your laptop.

Your latest hit will be flashing on the screen for easy identification, no matter how many times you have shot.

Smartphone and tablet versions are in development for release later this year.

The system takes approximately 1 minute to set-up, and requires no in-depth technological knowledge to operate – it’s just that simple. The system was designed from the ground up to be easy to operate for all levels and types of shooters. No more walking back and forth to the target.

“It’s the spotter that never misses a shot”, said Nick Skrepetos, founder of Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC. “We are proud to bring this patent-pending technology to the shooting industry. It allows you to spend more time shooting and less time looking for your shot. It provides a more enjoyable and safer way to shoot as you are spending less time downrange.”

The included Bullseye Target Manager Software allows you to view and track each and every shot, create profiles for different shooters, mark shots with different colors for easy shooter and grouping identification, and store information about the firearm, ammunition, sight, weather conditions and other factors. All the data is stored for later viewing, analyzing and retrieval. Easily work up hand-loads and see which load performs the best! Customized versions of the software will be available for different industries such as law enforcement and military.

The system works with rifles, pistols, airsoft and even archery. No special targets are required. Two versions are currently available, the 500 yard Standard Edition for $449 and the 1000+ yard Long Range Edition for $549.

Additionally, there are upgrades that include a small laptop for an all-inclusive system. The system is applicable towards all types of shooters; the casual sportsman, tactical, law enforcement, military, archery, pistol, bench rest, small bore, large bore and airsoft.

Each system comes complete with a weatherproof wireless camera with night vision, a 5-hour lithium rechargeable battery, router and antenna, tripod and connectors, and the Bullseye Target Manager software on USB. This is all packaged in a secure carrying case.

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