Burris AR-FFL

Modern sporting rifle enthusiasts will appreciate the fast acquisition, dual sighting solution provided by the Burris AR-FFL. The AR-FFL combines the popular 3MOA Burris FastFire red-dot reflex sight with an extremely durable mil-spec Infrared or Visible Red aiming laser. For even more versatility, operators can choose from either an Inline or Offset laser aiming point. The Inline version is perfect for flattop rifles as it positions the FastFire to co-witness with iron sights, while the Offset version allows both the laser and FastFire sight to align to the side of an AR-15-style front sight.

The FastFire III sight is parallax free, features three brightness settings plus an automatic brightness mode, a top-access battery compartment, and a see-through protective lens hood. The AR-FFL adjustable focus infrared laser is Eye-Safe and gives the operator options depending on mission requirements. When focused, the laser provides a continuous beam along the weapon’s line of fire for precise aiming. When de-focused, the beam spreads to provide improved illumination and situational awareness. High and low intensity settings are available, as well as electronic single- and double-tap activation. Single-tap activation enables momentary activation, while double-tap activation provides continuous activation for five minutes. Built to last, the laser meets MIL-STD-810G requirements for reliability in desert heat or arctic cold, and is waterproof up to 66 feet.

Learn more at Burrisoptics.com/arffl.html.

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