Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology
Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology

Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology represents a fusion of science, technology and engineering that yields a revolutionary solution for hard and soft ballistic armor.
An ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber, combines breakthroughs in polymer science, next-generation fiber technology and unique uni-directional engineering to deliver up to 25 percent higher ballistic protection while reducing weight by up to 20 percent.

“We have eliminated the traditional compromise between higher protection and lower weight, enabling armor manufacturers to meet tomorrow’s threats and design challenges,” said Shitij Chabba, Global Segment Director, Life Protection, DSM Dyneema. “With off-the-chart ballistic performance combined with the lightest weight and lowest profile ever demonstrated, Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology will define future standards in life protection, including soldier modernization. This dramatically different technology is not just the first deliverable from our Radical Innovation initiative, it’s also a clear demonstration of our ongoing commitment to saving lives.”

The new products based on Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology can be used to design personal protection (vests, inserts, helmets, soft armor applications and extremity protection) and vehicle armor.

See more at http://www.dyneema.com/americas/news-and-events/news-2013/fmt-launch.aspx.

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