EliteIron has introduced an aggressive promotional program designed to provide both dealers and customers with a great incentive to experience the advantages of the new Bravo SD and Sierra SD sound suppressors. For those who order either suppressor before December 31, 2013, the company will give a free EliteIron Suppressor Wrap designed specially to fit each model. The free Bravo SD Suppressor Wrap and the Sierra SD Wrap are significant values at $51.95 and $54.95 respectively. For those dealers who handle the sale and transfer of SD suppressors, EliteIron will send a $50 check as an added bonus.

EliteIron will be supporting their free wrap promotion in targeted media with advertising, publicity, and email communications programs starting in May. Full color advertising in Harris Publications will start in the July issue of Tactical Weapons and the August issue of Special Weapons magazines. Respondents to the offer will be driven to the landing page for complete details and fulfillment.

SD stands for “Special Deployment”. And elite military, law enforcement, and serious civilian marksmen want just that when they have mission critical requirements. Like for shorter weapons. That’s why the EliteIron Bravo SD and Sierra SD are excellent examples of over-the-barrel type suppressors that significantly shorten the length of rifles.

The Bravo SD sound suppressor and included muzzle brake was designed for .30 caliber rifles and is rated for .308, 6.5×47, and 6.5 Creedmore. The Bravo SD weighs 28 ounces. Overall length is 10 inches. Exterior diameter is 1.625 inches. When tested on a Remington 700 with a 17.5 inch barrel, the suppressor yielded a measured sound pressure reduction level of 34-35 db. And without removing the muzzle brake, the Bravo SD only adds 6 inches to the length of a rifle.

The Sierra SD suppressor and muzzle brake were created for magnum class rifles using 7mm, 300 wm, and .338 cartridges. The Sierra SD weighs 33 ounces, is 12 inches long, and the exterior diameter is 1.625 inches. Using a T2 Blazzer with 26 inch barrel, the Sierra SD reduced the sound pressure level 33 db. And with the muzzle brake on, only 8” are added to the length of the rifle. Both suppressors are made of stainless steel, are 100% TIG welded, with all parts press-fitted. And both come with the EliteIron Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The patented EliteIron Suppressor Wraps allow shooters to handle hot suppressors, minimize heat mirage, and provide an excellent platform to attach camouflage elements such as Gillie suit material, brush, branches, etc. Bravo SD and Sierra SD buyers will have their choice of colors as the wraps are available in Black, Coyote Tan, OD, and Multi Cam.

EliteIron LLC is headquartered in Potomac, Montana, and serves elite marksmen who require the highest caliber of performance from weapons and suppressor solutions in military, law enforcement, competitive, and hunting shooting applications. For more information, visit EliteIron at To contact EliteIron, call 206-244-0234 or send e-mail to [email protected].

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