Unmatched Lighting Power That Fits In Your Pocket

The new S.A.R. Series flashlights from Alpha-TAC’s ExtremeBeam weigh just over 2 ounces and measure 3.15x.85 inches. Although they may be able to fit in nearly any pocket, the power and durability of these flashlights are anything but small.

The S.A.R. Series flashlights feature a 130 lumen LED bulb that is able to project light up to distances of 450 feet, making them more powerful than many flashlights three times their size. This is possible because of ExtremeBeam’s brilliantly engineered reflecting cone that serves as more than just an effective light reflector. While the inside of the cone is slowly machined from high-density bar stock aluminum, the outside of the reflecting cone is left untouched. The excess aluminum transfers heat from the bulb quickly while adding balance and additional density to the flashlight. A groove is machined on the edge of the reflecting cone and is fitted with an O-ring, which serves to protect the internal workings from muzzle blast.

The durability of the S.A.R. series flashlights doesn’t end with muzzle blast protection. Inside these tiny titans is a scaled down version of ExtremeBeam’s patented Anti-Recoil System, which is recoil proof up to 5.56/.223 cal and a double O-ring seal for waterproof protection to 3 meters.

S.A.R. Series flashlights are available in two models. The S.A.R. 5 is available in grey, and the S.A.R. 7 features ExtremeBeam’s anti-glare black stealth coating.

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